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Preparing Your Internal Culture For AI - The Importance Of AI Readiness.

Nov 04 2019

Investments in reskilling, incentivizing learning, diversity of input, ensuring open and inclusive communications around how this impacts jobs, business models and ethics, are all critical in shaping an AI-ready culture. How prepared are you for what's coming?


"Leading In A Fractured World": Opening Keynote At The Virginia Military Institute.

Sep 18 2019

My favorite way to invest time and energy is to encourage students to explore what the future needs and expects… from them. And to hopefully inspire them to consider what they are each in a unique position to contribute and create… for the future. So when I addressed 1700 cadets recently, here's what I said...


What I Learned This Summer... About AI, Leadering And Me.

Sep 02 2019

This Summer I decided to deepen my knowledge of two key things: Artificial Intelligence and its growing role in business, and how to build/reshape the economic and social structures that will hold us well in a “post-digital” world. Why? Because I believe these are the two most pressing concerns + opportunities in our lifetime.


What Is The Role Of Business In A Shifting Society To Consider Externalities?

Jul 02 2019

Part One: How will companies meet the needs and expectations of this and future generations, as trust continues to erode and corporations are held ever more accountable to public sentiment? The stakes have been raised for corporations and local government to step in and lead the charge toward a future of prosperity.


A Scenario: What The Future Of Food Might Look Like In 2035.

Jun 12 2019

As the future demands we shift from a position of extraction to contribution and from scarcity to abundance, what might the future of food look like years from now?